Removing Stains from Your Wedding Dress

Stains on your wedding dress can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you notice one as you are heading for photos. No bride wants to think of a stain getting on her dress on her wedding day, but the truth of the matter is, it is better to be prepared and not have to do any stain removal than be stuck without on your wedding day.

Read Your Dress Materials Closely

Ask your dress consultant the best way to get stains out of the fabric of the dress you are buying. There may be several different ways to remove the stain and you do not want to damage the fabric by using a method that is not the best for it.

sparkle 1

Pack a Stain Removal Kit

Once you find out what would work best on your dress in case of a stain, make sure you carry the items with you in a small purse. This can be left in your car just in case you need to run out and get it. Sometimes stain removing pens work well too, but make sure it is okay for your dress fabric first.

When to Leave a Stain Alone

Sometimes trying to treat a stain ends up making it worse than it was when the dress was first stained. Take a look at the location and size of the stain. Is it noticeable? Usually stains occur in places that will likely be missed by the eye of your guests or the camera. Sometimes it is better to leave it alone and have it treated when your dress is being preserved.

Beyond the Stain

Sometimes there are things that happen to your wedding dress that are much more severe than a simple stain. Perhaps you got a small burn hole in your dress during your grand entrance from one of the wedding sparklers you handed out. Maybe your dress caught on something sharp in the reception hall and tore a huge hole in the fabric. All sorts of things can happen to your dress, and getting it repaired before it’s preserved is vital. If the burn hole or tear is too big for you to handle on your own, or you just want it to turn out perfect, your best bet is to let a professional do the repair.

Though you may be handy around normal clothing, sometimes removing stains or other damage from a wedding dress is just too tricky to do on your own. Look closely at the problem and assess if it is something you can fix, but there’s nothing wrong with getting the help of a professional when removing stains from your wedding dress.

7 Bags Every Woman Should Own

As far as accessories go, bags are up there as one of the most popular. They come in many shapes, sizes and styles and are created to hold a number of different items. There is a range of colours available and while black is seen as a versatile colour there are many other colours available that are perfect for different looks, trends and seasons.

A handbag allows women to remain organised. They come with dividers and pockets as well as compartments. Making it easy to store most of a woman’s daily essentials but also find them quickly! They also come in a number of different materials such as silk, leather and canvas. They come in different looks and may have sequins or beading and many come with an embroidered look. A handbag isn’t just about what it offers in terms of storage or colours because the way you carry it says a lot. Some handbags come with one strap or two and it enables the owners to carry it by hand or on the arm or shoulder.


Handbags come in a wide range of prices and this is dependent on the manufacturer. There is a bag suitable for all occasions which is exactly why many women own more than one.

However, handbags do require care as this will increase their lifespan and also helping to retain their features and look.

The different types of handbags

The type of handbag a woman should own is very much dependent on what they want from it. You may choose a certain style of bag depending on an event, night out, weekend away or maybe you’ve seen it online, in a magazine or being worn by a celebrity or stylist. Here is a list of 7 different types of bags every woman should own.


Clutch bags are small and are great for nights out as they’re small enough to hold only the essential items. You can choose to wear a clutch in the hand or on the shoulder if your clutch comes with a detachable strap. Clutches come in a huge range of styles and shapes, narrowing down certain styles you like the most will make your decision easier, also if it’s an accessory for a night out, having a clutch to contrast in colour or match your outfit are always on trend.


If you’re searching for an everyday bag that is big enough to hold everything you’ll need for that day, a hobo bag is a good choice, as they are oversized this gives you plenty of freedom to carry anything you need without compromising the shape of the bag. They are perfect for those who are always after more space from their bag. They’re usually a crescent shape and often have a single strap that medium to long in length.


These bags are very similar to a hobo in size however they’re squarer than Hobo bags. Totes can differ in styles as some may offer one main handle while some have two, giving you options of how you want to carry your bag. Commonly they are square in shape and for those who like to head to the beach, canvas totes are a popular holiday bag solution because they have enough space to carry beach essential items. For those who work in an office environment, leather totes are perfect as an everyday bag.


Satchels have stood the test of time. These have a long single strap that is worn on the shoulder or across the chest. These are often made from hard-wearing material such as canvas or leather making them ideal for carrying larger items. Satchels are hugely popular as they’re design is modern but can be styled with popular patterns to enable the buyer to express themselves through the style of the bag. As a college/school bag or even a day bag whilst shopping as Satchels can be small and large, they’re practical for most everyday uses.

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags can be found in many different shapes and sizes, which is why they’re a popular choice for its ease of use. They can also be found in a number of different fabrics giving you plenty of options to style with outfits. They often have single straps but are commonly seen with double straps and they tend to be adjustable giving you extra comfort. Bags created by well-known manufacturers will often have the logo located on the front of the bag.

Messenger Bag

It is common for messenger bags to be worn across the chest and this allows the weight to be distributed evenly. Its name comes from the fact that they were often used by bicycle couriers. They are hard-wearing and can be worn securely on the back. They’re now fitting in with a number of trends as these types of bags become useful for everyday use. Due to its durable nature, it can be seen with a solid strap and a large flap and this makes accessing the contents extremely easy. Often they are made of canvas but they can be found in leather and suede.

Bowling bag

These have a retro feel to them and are based on the bags used to carry bowling balls. They have short handles and pockets as well as dividers inside. They are long in the body and rounded on top. These may not be hugely attractive for everyday use, but the structured design is formal and is a great choice for a formal night or event.

Order from maple syrup direct online store to treat yourself with original quality maple syrup

The sweet juice that is tapped from the maple trees are marketed commonly as maple syrup. These maple syrups are commonly used by everyone to replace the processed sugars in their diet. They assist in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Also their use as barbeque sauces and glazes for meat and poultry foods add depth and variation in taste of the items.

Maple syrup is usually grown in a very scanty part of the continent of North America. The USA contributes towards a much smaller quantity of the maple syrup production. The main production comes from only a few Canadian provinces namely New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

mapple syrup 9

As the production of any indigenous product is affected by several prevalent factors, so is the production of maple syrup exposed to various factors such as soil quality, weather conditions, genetic dispositions and also the health of the tree from which the syrup is tapped. They are also dependent upon the methods and techniques used by the manufacturers. Maple syrups are available in different grades. This grading system is based on the color of the syrup. The sap tapped towards the end of the tapping season is of a darker color. A syrup dark in color has a stronger taste than light amber colored syrup.

The maple season lasts only for a few weeks and starts with the advent of the spring season. These limitations make it available only in the local markets. The availability of original maple syrup in the international market is very low due to its short tapping season and also its excessively limited production.

There are several products marketed as “pancake syrups” which are not original maple syrup but are its mere substitutes. Also some products are marked as maple flavored but are not originally maple syrups. Thus a customer should have an eagle’s eye while buying a maple syrup from the market so that he seeks only the real maple product for himself.

At maple syrup direct, we provide you original maple syrup and a wide range of original maple products such as maple butter, candies, etc. We guarantee you the originality of our products. Maple syrup direct, lets you shop online and gives you a hassle free doorstep delivery of their products at any part of the world. Thus, availing original maple syrup is now within your reach. So what are you waiting for? Just add to cart all your favorites items from the online website of maple syrup direct and get them delivered directly to your home at any part of the world!

Well-Designed Underpants Offer Both Comfort and Versatility

Today’s man is choosy about his underwear. When it comes to underpants, a man wants a design that is bold in colour, offers maximum comfort and is stylish to wear. Flexibility is important, especially for today’s active male.

The Ideal Materials and Design

When seeking underpants, men should look for a style that offers the optimal fit. Make sure that the crotch is made primarily of cotton for added breathability. The rest of the materials, ideally, should be a mix of 15% spandex and 85% nylon.

seeking underpants

This combination of materials ensures a flattering look with just a bit of additional stretch. Whatever a man’s waist size, the underwear should fit comfortably (not too snugly) around the mid-section. If you are a man with muscular quads, then the underpants you choose should also fit well around the legs so they emphasise the muscles.

A crotch that is made of around 7% spandex and 93% cotton is ideal for providing comfort and, again, breathability. The underpants should be designed to accentuate a man’s body whilst offering a fit that can only be described as comfortable.

underpants should be

If you are like most men, you don’t want to deal with underpants or any men’s underwear designs that are tight and binding. After all, the idea is to maintain a flattering fit – not to deal with underpants that are distracting to wear.

Adding a Bit of Stretch to Underwear Material Helps to Maintain a Better Fit

Any added stretch in a material means that the fit will adhere to your body shape and size. As a result, the underwear will stay in place and not bunch up like some underwear materials. Most of the underpants sold today come in small to extra-large sizes based on the size of the waist.

Underwear Material Helps

Top Features

If you are looking for just the right kind of underpants, you need to look for underwear with the following characteristics:

  • The underwear should be made of nylon and spandex blend for a nice and comfortable fit.
  • Make sure that the crotch of the underpants is mainly made of cotton, with a small amount of spandex incorporated into the fabric’s weave. This type of combination ensures both breathability and a relaxed, yet supportive, fit.
  • Underpants should closely resemble swim trunks, showcasing vibrant colours that make the underwear an option for swimming activities.
  • The underpants should be designed so the wearer is comfortable, whether he is on the job, working out or enjoying a night out on the town.

The underpants should be

The underwear you wear should always be both adaptable and flexible. Make sure the underpants you choose meet all the criteria for a stylish and relaxed fit and durability. Underwear should be made so a man can look his best and participate in activities without any unneeded distractions. A man’s underwear should be as functional as it is flattering. If you want to look your best, you need to keep those two style factors in mind.

Choosing Custom Uniforms for Employees

The companies opt for corporate uniforms for several reasons. Some opt for a uniform for practical purposes while the others choose them to maintain a professional image. The corporate uniforms help to create a brand image and generate more business. A very important idea behind having a uniform is to create a sense of unity among the employees. Although it is hard to find out the optimistic effects of corporate uniforms, yet it is believed that it helps employees get into a positive mind frame and feel like a team member and clear envoys of the company. Corporate uniforms are an imperative part of one’s work identity. But it is also necessary to ensure that the uniform you have decided for your employees is genuinely useful and fits comfortably. If you still do not have a corporate uniform for your company, consider these five good reasons for which you must have a uniform for your business.

Feeling of equality

Having a uniform will confirm that no members of the company will be able to come with high fashion garments and competesfor a personal style. A uniform will instead have everyone within tidy,professional organizational look.


Feeling connected with the brand

Employees are likely to identify more with the company and its brand when in a uniform. A logo or the company’s name can encourage staff to connect more with the company and create that motivation that will make them feel like part of the team. Whether working inside the premises of the company or outside for meetings or projects they will be identifiable as a part of your company. Therefore it becomes important to communicate that the way they conduct will be represented as a company’s system of belief.

Building the brand identity

Corporate clothing is capable of forming a brand’s character. When the staff members are not in the office and make external visits for their projects they will be automatically advertising for your company too.

Making sure that employees wear appropriate clothes to work

Uniforms are importantly implemented in certain trades to simplify the safety concerns at work. boots, hard hats or fire check jackets etc.

Businesses can choose either to buy or rent uniforms. When comparing various uniform companies it is important to note that not all providers cater to the same quality and standards as expected by buyers.Prudential Overall Supply is a leading uniform company, located in America and serving across all the important locations of US. This is a unique uniform solutions company that has served several companies all around the country and knows every aspect of work apparel services. They are award-winning, trusted uniform suppliers who can go beyond the best.

Get a new style this winter from self knit clothes and accessories

The winter season is fast approaching in the United Kingdom and the time has come for you to flaunt a new style statement. While there are many designs and trends available in the market, they are somewhat similar to each other. So, by buying them, you are not going to achieve the unique and quirky look you vie for.

So, what’s the solution to get a new style that is uncommon and rare, while that’s in your hands? It is quite a nice idea to knit a winter wear for you that is completely different and customized as per your choice. If you are not an expert and find it tough to knit the sweater, you can get the tips on crafting and knitting from the experts that are catering their services in United Kingdom. These experts have got plethora of experience and can definitely help you to get the best winter apparel for yourself or your family members. Here are some of the common winter accessories that you can knit while at home for a new look:



Muffler is an essential need in the winters and if it looks different from that of the others, it gives you a unique look that is well appreciated by all. So, it can be definitely a great idea to know about some great designs and combine them to get a muffler for you that everyone is bound to applaud. The experts can help you both in getting the right idea as well as in how to go about knitting the style.

Winter Kurta:

Knitting a quality and distinct winter kurta can be an ideal addition to the wardrobe of any girl. There is no shortage as far as the designs are considered and having one that is knit and draped by yourself makes you feel a little special and good about yourself.

The era of E – marketing is here to stay

This day e marketing has surpassed all deals, discounts and well known shops, malls and many more. The flexibility of choosing, the varied options, and amount of time saved in finding the right store; all these factors contribute for the possibility of online shopping. There is no fear of fake products either, as the items displayed in the website are branded. When it comes to the difficulty of choosing the right size, you can always try and return if the product is not satisfactory in any way possible. With the smart devices getting their way into everyone’s hands irrespective of age, online shopping has indeed took another major leap towards success.

The choices:

So, you decide to shop online, try a new website but not sure what to shop, that is because there are huge number of choices. You can always limit down the choices depending on few factors.


For example,

Your choice: you need to buy a pair of shoes, you can outline the choices by taking into perspective the purpose of buying a shoe, regular wear or gym or party wear and so on. You can also refer the wholesale womens fashion stores to grab the best products at effective prices.

Deals and discounts: like any other shops or markets, online websites also run interesting deals during the high time when public is likely to shop. Festivals, new years, season end sales and many more are such occasions. To grab the exciting deals, you can visit

The bigger step

Online shopping is not limited to clothes and accessories, these websites include all the items required for setting up a home. One advantage of choosing home furnishing products online is that, usually imported furniture, wide ranges are available which is difficult to explore and find a store out in the market.

Interior decorations, hall, bedroom, kitchen furniture, patio furniture, accessories, you name it and it’s available. Other than furniture, electronics is another area where the sales are high. Electronics ranging from small accessories like bulbs to large high end chandeliers are on sale. Decorative artifacts apart, every day necessities like air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators of various brand values are accessible. In addition to room heaters, patio heaters are also now most sought out during winter seasons. These patio heaters are recent sensation and work like an electronic camp fire giving you the warmth of summer and spring seasons’. The varied options ensure cost effective and most suited heaters depending on the place you intend to use the heater.

Prior to purchase of such recently introduced products in the market, it is advisable to find out the practical validity in order to find out any possible loop holes. In depth knowledge of the working system and return policy is needful because the product being advanced in technology, operations and real time issues might not be known to the seller itself. Browsing through reviews of formerly used customers are very helpful in such instances. Always compare, choose and buy when there is a convenience of choosing from huge number of online sellers.

6 Essential Jewelry Items Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe


Whether you gravitate towards casual attire day in and day out or you can’t leave the house without looking as elegant as possible, you need some classic accessories to match any outfit you create. These 6 essential jewelry items every woman needs in her wardrobe are extremely versatile and can be worn time and time again. If you already own some of them, extend your collection by investing in the other pieces for a truly classic jewelry collection.

1.      Menswear Inspired Watch

We all thought the menswear inspired watch was only a fade a few years back when all celebrities were being seen wearing one. But the trend is staying put to this day and it’s not difficult to understand why. An oversized watch will look beautiful with a sophisticated outfit and will elevate minimalistic gowns.


A golden or silver menswear watch will pull together even the simplest jeans and t-shirt outfit. Appropriate for school, work, parties and meetings, a high quality, beautifully crafted watch will stand the test of time and will adorn your wrist for years if you take care of it properly.

2.      Sophisticated Pearl Earrings

From Audrey Hepburn to Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton, pearl earrings have been proven to be a timeless jewelry piece that never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re running late in the morning or you have to attend an important business meeting, you won’t go wrong with a pair of luxurious real pearl earrings.


Suitable for all complexions and occasions, pearl earrings beautifully complement a woman’s grace and make her look more sophisticated. Pearls look fabulous on women of all ages so buying a pair of earrings will mean making a long term investment for your jewelry collection. Carefully looked after, pearl earrings can even be passed down from one generation to the other.

3.      Daring Statement Necklace

Any woman’s jewelry collection should contain a bold necklace for that wow effect. The possibilities are virtually limitless: go for colorful gemstones if you like a playful look or for a chunky necklace if you want to be the center of attention.

pic 3

A statement necklace will look stunning with a little black dress or with a simple tee, ripped jeans and stilettoes. For those days when you have to look your best but you’re in a rush, throwing on your oversized necklace will instantly elevate your outfit and help you look effortlessly chic.

4.       Structural Cuff Bracelet

the structural cuff bracelet is the ultimate statement jewelry, also known as arm candy, and it is not for the faint of heart. Suitable for elegant outfits that need an edgy feeling or a little white dress that needs gold accents, this type of bracelet is a must in any fashionista’s jewelry collection.

pic 4

The structural cuff bracelet comes in a generous array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Ease your way into this daring piece of jewelry if you’ve never worn it before by going for a medium sized silver bracelet. If you’re not afraid of turning heads with your fashion sense of style, sport a cuff bracelet on each hand or stack a few of them together if you really want to be the center of attention.

5.      Dainty, stackable rings

A couple or even more dainty rings that can be stacked on the same finger will become like your second skin if you know how to choose them correctly. This type of ring is delicate, feminine and effortlessly matches almost any outfit. Regardless of the style you usually go for, you will surely find rings to match your personality.

pic 5

Choose silver rings if you have warm undertones or gold toned rings if you have a cool complexion. This will enhance your natural beauty and beautifully complement your outfit. Dainty rings are easy to wear both during daytime and in the evening as long as their design doesn’t clash with each other.

6.      Playful and Colorful Brooch

Brooches are understated pieces of jewelry and rarely worn on a daily basis. However, they’re a clever way to personalize an outfit and express your creativity. There are various brooch designs to choose from, ranging from big, statement pieces that are loud and playful, to subtle, down-played silver or gold ones that can beautifully accentuate a smart outfit.

pic 6

Not an expert on choosing or pairing brooches with your outfits? The only rule you should abide by is that if you love the way it looks, you can definitely rock it. Most of the time, brooches are attached to a blouse or a coat on the chest area. But no one is stopping you from wearing several brooches at a time on shirts, trousers or skirts.

Designer Bracelets to suit your wrists

Bracelets are amongst one of the most common jewelry items that are equally popular amongst both the males and females as these give a beautiful look to their wrist. From the designer bracelets to the bracelets for sportspersons, you can discover a broad range of bracelets in the market. You can also look for the fitness bracelets in the stores that can help you to overcome some of the health complications. Stella and Dot is an online store that specializes in the designer bracelets and you can discover a wide variety of the bracelets in the store. Here is just a brief glance at some of the most popular bracelets designs in the market:

The_Waverly_Petite__3 (1)

Love bracelets:

These love style bracelets complimented by the designer golden chain can be a great addition to your wrists. Although the love quote is the most trending one right now, you can also go for different quotes or can even customize your name on the bracelet to trend  a new style. You can also go for the imitation hanging chains when you are not looking to spend that big on the bracelets.

Broad style bracelets with a pearl:

The broad and heavy bracelets are quite appreciated by the people and women especially take a liking to it. But if you are looking to adorn a special look, you can go for the pearls inside these bracelets that can make it absolutely dazzling for you. This innovative style is slowly and steadily getting popular and you can be the first one in your group to have it in your bracelets.

aria_pendant_model_shot (1)

Bracelets with religious symbols:

This is for those who are very sensitive about their religion and always like to be associated with the god. You can easily get bracelets having an image of Jesus or with a cross sign to don a new style.

How I turned from a freelance traveler to a businesswoman

 Having been a freelancer who travelled around the world, rocking my own fashion style with no second thought, for the longest time, I always felt perplexed when I heard from my friends about their settling down and wearing, what I called, ‘conformist clothes’ to work. I definitely never expected anything similar happening to me, but an opportunity for a perfect steady job arose and I was not going to pass it by just because of some dress code. Still, I must admit that I was caught off guard, when I realized that almost none of my existing clothing would suit my business role. This is why I decided to share some of my tips to help other ladies who are now in the same position as I was, to step away from their jeans, Converse shoes and band Tees, and jump into appropriate business attire, at least during working hours.


A blazer

A blazer jacket is a must-have for both casual and formal work environment. The beauty of a blazer is that you can wear it with a shirt or short-sleeved blouse underneath, and add or remove the jacket depending on the situation. Buy a jacket in a neutral color like gray, black or beige. If you don’t know what kind of jacket to buy, stick to a classic style that will never go out of fashion. To tell you the truth, I spent hours on online research, looking for inspiration and guidelines. Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t find the way to spice everything up, so I bought a couple of blazers in neutral colors but with sleeves that, when rolled up, revealed a bit of pattern and color – mostly stripes and polka dots.


Fancy pants

Trust me, a good pair of pants is one of the best investments that you can make. I matched the pants with different shirts, jackets, shoes and accessories to create some rather different styles. The important thing is to choose pants with simple details that will last several seasons. As with blazer, go with a neutral scheme and plain colors. Pants that can be paired with anything are less memorable, which means that you can wear them many times without being noticed.



A business skirt is good to have during the hot season. Dresses will keep you cool and give you more opportunities for transition from day to evening wear. Dresses tend to be a little less expensive than entire suits, and I chose dresses that are a little more detailed and fashionable. Of course, it was nothing too wild. I opted for several cute womens midi dresses with interesting linings. I bought a few of those that are classic but still more to my personal taste and a couple that matched my blazers, so that I could easily add them to my ‘team’.


I know that most of you want me to say that while being so formal from head to toe, you can have fun and go crazy with the accessories. Well, while it is true that you can have fun you still have to follow some basic rules of the work environment. So forget about chunky statement jewelry and ‘look at me’ prints and colors. Still, I was quite happy with my delicate ‘elven style’ rings and earring, similar stylish brooches and scarves and stockings with some intricate details in muted colors. Moreover, the best tip I can give you when it comes to shoes is to find some completely closed ones and stick to one color. I have to say that I still feel pretty unique in my stilettos with heels wider at the bottom. You just need to find the right dose of quirkiness in all that professionalism.


Now that I have typed everything out, things do not seem so complicated, but it was hard for me when I had no idea what to do or buy first. It is important to remember that work is work and that it doesn’t determine your personality. I still wear my old clothes in my free time, I just had to get a bigger closet.