Bespoke Shoes for Comfort and Benefits in Health

Comfort and quality are the basic factors to look for when buying shoes. Yet in Singapore, there is a strange obsession with quantity of shoes to the extent that many people forget the essentials when buying their shoes. In fact, according to a recent study, the average woman in Singapore owns 15 pairs of shoes, but only wears 3 pairs regularly. Surprisingly, the other 12 pairs gather dust in the closet because they do not fit. In the study, 46% of the women revealed that they have suffered foot pain from their shoes, 59% have gotten blisters, and 35% have had their outings ruined by uncomfortable shoes while 24% have fallen because of the design of their shoes.

Switching to Bespoke Shoes Singapore

So why not make the switch to bespoke shoes from Singapore? When created with top-notch materials, precise measurements, scrupulous design and expert construction, bespoke shoes can deliver amazing comfort and desirable health benefits. While bespoke shoes are evidently beneficial and worth investing in, many people in Singapore still consider handmade shoes so expensive and out of reach. But is this really true?

When you do your math, you realize that this fear is unfounded. For instance, if the average price of a pair of shoes bought from a store is $90, then the total cost of 15 pairs of shoes is $1350, which is just enough for three pairs of bespoke shoes (the three that most women in the study wear frequently anyway). In fact, with proper planning, almost every person can afford bespoke shoes.

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Features of Good Bespoke Shoes Singapore

So, when your budget allows and you decide to switch from quantity to quality shoes, what should you look for in bespoke footwear? The first feature you should go for is perfect fit. Just like a good house, your body requires a good and stable supporting foundation which can only be provided by perfectly fitting shoes. Perfectly fitting shoes will make you stand and walk comfortably, injecting a new lease of convenience into your life. In fact, you may even forget to take them off when you go to bed! Besides, if you are someone who does not fit into standard sizes, then perfectly fitting bespoke shoes will spare you the pain of walking or standing in ill-fitting shoes.

Secondly, bespoke shoes should be repairable. Well-made shoes should be repairable and reconditioned after damage so they can last long enough to give sufficient value for the money spent on them. Usually, with proper care and reconditioning, well-made bespoke shoes from Singapore should last many years, even decades. For example, if they are leather shoes, they should be polished frequently and resolved and re-heeled when necessary. It is also necessary not to wear the same shoe every day so that the shoe can dry out thoroughly between the linings. A shoe that cannot be reconditioned is simply not worth buying.

Comfort and Health Benefits of Bespoke Shoes in Singapore

Bespoke shoes are comfortable and ideal for the good health of the feet. They fit properly and are more luxurious and less harmful to the feet. They also allow for good posture and prevent foot sores, ingrown toenails, corns and blisters. And for individuals who find it hard to get perfectly fitting shoes or those with foot conditions that hinder them from wearing standard sized shoes, bespoke shoes are the ultimate solution.

Some of the health benefits of bespoke shoes in Singapore include:

  1. Preventing bunions and relieving associated pain: Using shoes that are cramped or that exert too much compression on the feet may cause bunions, but the condition may also occur as a congenital deformity or arthritic problem. It is characterized by swollen and sensitive tissue inside the joints with the portion surrounding the toe having a bone-like mass which is irritating and painful. Wearing bespoke shoes that are made to fit perfectly and adjusted to the specific foot helps to prevent bunions and to alleviate the pain.
  2. Preventing toe distortions: Wearing high heels and tight shoes can exert uneven pressure on the toes and cause toe distortions or worsen foot problems. However, wearing bespoke shoes reduce foot problems and prevent toe distortions that might be caused by uneven pressure.
  3. Preventing foot joint problems: Ill-fitting shoes can compress foot joints and cause the tilting and disfiguration of the toes. When the foot joints are strained, they become hurtful and may cause limitless problems. But wearing bespoke shoes safeguards the toes and foot joints and prevents foot disorders.

For these reasons, it is good to purchase a pair of beautifully crafted and snugly-fitting bespoke shoes in Singapore and enjoy a life-changing experience.