Summer Handbags for Any Event

With summer just around the corner, handbags are taking center stage on many women’s shopping agenda; including my own! Summer is the best time to diversify your handbag collection because there are so many color choices available, and there are also a large number of excuses to use them. There are simply more parties and events that take place in the summer, and when you stack that on top of the summer holidays you have a very eventful season.

When choosing an appropriate handbag for a specific event you need to make sure it embraces the mood and color scheme perfectly. On the other hand, you can have an equal amount of success choosing a handbag that is outrageous and a very risky fashion choice. No matter which route you choose to go, here are a few things to consider for specific holidays and summertime events before you head out shopping for the perfect purse.

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is well known as the first real party of high summer, but the day itself is actually quite somber and emotional for many people in the world. When choosing your handbag for Memorial Day, make sure you’re considerate of people thinking about their loved ones that have passed. You can treat the rest of the weekend like a party and show off an edgier handbag, but keep Memorial Day itself a little higher class when it comes to your handbag choice.


Weddings are a really fun time to do whatever you want with your handbag. The only fashion taboo at a wedding is showing up in a white dress, so anything short of that is totally fair game. Feel free to express yourself with rich colors of the summer like bright yellows and oranges or even bright blues and greens. I personally find that the function of your purse or handbag at a wedding is much more important, but fashion is always a primary concern.

4th of July

The 4th of July is probably everyone’s favorite summer holiday, and who can really blame them? Good people, good food, and of course some fireworks, you can have a great time in your very own backyard. I like to choose my handbag based on what I need to carry with me. For instance, if I need to carry sunscreen, some sparklers, and the rest of my normal purse contents, my handbag is typically very large. Since I love my country, I always make sure my handbag is red, white, and blue, but I try to make it look as creative as possible within those confines.

No matter what summer event you’ll be attending, some carful thought should lead you to the perfect handbag. Make sure you choose a different handbag for every big event, because that’s half the fun of going in the first place!