Top Fashion Trends for 2016

 If you’re anything like us, you’re already feeling pretty excited about wearing the new collections for Spring/Summer 2016 – and the good news is that there are some stunning new trends this year. Actually, we say this year, but when isn’t there something to get excited about? Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top fashion trends for 2016…

The slip dress

The slip dress is back – and it’s looking sexier than ever. Celine, Saint Laurent, Burberry Prosum and Emilio Pucci were just some of the leading designers to embrace this 90s trend – and we have to say that we are really loving some of the new twists on this design classic.

Colour, colour and more colour

Spring/summer 2016 is all about vibrant colours – and the more you can fit into one outfit, the better. We really love some of the unique new designs from the likes of Gucci and Christopher Kane. These ladies dresses are just the perfect way to get noticed during the new season.

fashion trend 1


Ruffles are set to be one of the top fashion trends for the season, and we have to say that we are really feeling this elegant and eye-catching look. It’s just so flattering! If you’re a fan too, check out the key pieces from Michael Kors and Roberto Cavalli.

Bold stripes

Stripes were literally everywhere on the SS16 runways, making them one of the top fashion trends of the season like women’s dresses. Just check out some of the amazing pieces from the likes of Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Missoni. Stripes are definitely in – and they are a sure-fire way to add a dash of visual drama to your look.


Nothing screams spring/summer quite like a floral pattern – and the good news is that there are some truly stunning designs around this year. From classic English country garden-inspired patterns through to edgy modern twists, you’re sure to find something that fits your style. We are particular fans of floral pieces from Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Gucci, whilst we love the bold colour choices from Michael Kors. You can’t go wrong, really.

Go backpacking!

The right accessory can truly bring your look together – and for SS16 one of the key pieces is the humble backpack. As well as being supremely practical, the designs from the likes of Burberry and Alexander Wang are both super stylish and luxurious.


If you’re looking for a trend that’s just perfect for the evening, look no further than this season’s sparkle of choice: sequins. Eye-catching, elegant and glamorous, sequin covered designs were seen everywhere in the new SS16 collections. For the best designs, look in the direction of Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Gucci and Loewe.

Keep up to date with the latest top fashion trends

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Exquisite undiscovered

Gems are among the most beautiful fascination for women. Who won’t be mesmerized by its charm? A beautiful gem with a perfect cut can delight anyone and it’s a perfect way to spoil your beloved ones. The outstanding gems are the one with superb cut and shape showing its spark and richness. Types of gemstone shapes are Round, Oval, Princess, Pear, Octagon, Marquise, Heart, trillion, baguette, briolette, triangle, pendulum, cushion, emerald, etc.


Lets discover some of the inside information about them and their cuts in detail.

  1. Round shape: Its 58 reflective surfaces with flawless cut make it the most dazzling one. This one looks wondrous when matched up with little gems.
  2. Oval: This shape is rounded oval. This is one of the most preferred shapes of gems as it gives a semblance of having long fingers, making it popular.
  3. Marquise: it is similar to the oval shaped gem, but only difference is that it has two sharp point ends. This gives a royal look to your wear.
  4. Trillion: It is usually triangular, can be pointed triangle or rounded.
  5. Princess cut: It is square cut gem that is most beautiful amongst all. Its edges meet at right angle. It has a glittery look, definitely made for a lifelong use.
  6. Radiant cut: It has 70 surfaces with square or rectangular cut enhanced with a rounded gem. It is brilliantly made with at most refraction.
  7. Baguette: This is again rectangular shaped, but top surface and edges that are flat. It is unique in its own way.
  8. Heart shaped: As the name suggests, it has a heart shape. Very romantic to gift your loved ones, it will give you finest look as it takes skilled work to create a heart shape.
  9. Shield cut: It has a shape like a shield, with a large front face making it look very distinct.
  10. Whirl cut: It takes brilliance to create this cut as it is complex. But when created, looks very elegant.

Mephisto shoes offer the ultimate in style and comfort

Mephisto Footwear is a leading brand in the comfort shoe market.  Designed to offer an unbeatable combination of both style and comfort, Mephisto shoes are made from high quality materials with a range in design features to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Mephisto started life back in the 1960s when the brand was founded in France with the intention of creating fine footwear using the very latest technologies. Mephisto rapidly earned a reputation for the high quality of their products and by the mid-1970s; their shoes were being sold around the world. Mephisto shoes are still incredibly popular and are appreciated by style-conscious individuals who like their shoes to look good and feel great.

shoe 1

Mephisto’s range of ladies shoes really does offer something for everyone and whether you’re looking for smart shoes to wear to the office, or casual shoes for walking at the weekend, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Mephisto seem to be unique amongst shoe manufacturers in that they have the ability to give the same attention to detail all the designs in their wide range; meaning that regardless of the style you choose your shoes will look great and feel comfortable to wear.

Mephisto’s shoes for ladies never compromise on style and if you appreciate good design, this brand will be right up your street! Thanks to the addition of eye-catching design features such as zips, patent or metallic leathers and pretty patterns, Mephisto’s ladies range has something to appeal to even the most fashion conscious individual.

Men are just as well catered for as ladies when it comes to Mephisto with a range of men which includes shoes for work, alongside casual loafers and walking shoes. Made with the same care and attention to detail as the ladies’ range, Mephisto’s shoes for men includes a wide collection of smart styles in designs to appeal to all tastes.

Mephisto know that comfort is just as important to their customers as looks and so the brand make use of all the latest developments in shoe making technology to ensure superb fit and foot support. Many of Mephisto’s shoes are designed with removable anatomically designed insoles, designed to offer the best possible foot bed in terms of comfort for your feet. Mephisto’s popular Allrounder range of casual trainer-style shoes includes a shock absorbing system that helps to ease any jarring of your joints or back as you walk – perfect for anyone who suffers from a bad back!

If you’re looking for shoes that offer the best of both worlds when it comes to style and comfort, Mephisto are likely to provide the perfect solution. Not only do they look good and feel great though as these shoes really were made for walking! So whether you need to wear shoes designed to accommodate your problem feet, or are looking for shoes to wear when you’re on your feet all day, Mephisto could be the answer.

shoe 1

Mephisto are hard to find in the shops though and rather than spending hours searching the high street, why not buy your Mephisto shoes online instead? Cheerful Soles is on online shoe shop which specialises in selling stylish comfort shoes and as they offer free UK delivery and hassle free exchanges on all orders, ordering from them is easy.  In addition, the staff at Cheerful Soles are all experts in the comfort shoe market, so if you need a little advice on the best pair or size for you, in my experience they are more than happy to help!

How To Increase Your Fashion Appeal By Wearing Butt Lift Jeans

The market is filled with a variety of types of jeans for both men and women. However, when it comes to styles in jeans for women, the variety available ranges from casual, narrow fit, skinny fit, low waist jeans, and many more. One of the more popular variant in jeans style for women these days is butt lift jeans. It is a universally known fact that butt is one of the most attractive physical feature of a woman, and butt lift jeans helps in enhancing its appeal in a very unique and sensual manner.

It makes the women look appealing and sexy, not to forget, it does attract a lot of attention, whether it is school, college, workplace, party, or when just used casually for everyday wear purposes. There are many way butt lift jeans helps in increasing the sex as well as fashion appeal of a woman, such as –


  • It helps in showcasing the shape and the size of the butt in a very natural and sensual manner. Thus, adding to the sex appeal of the women, without actually revealing anything.
  • Butt lift jeans can be used with short crop top, so that the entire butt portion is flashed in an appealing manner.
  • Wearing butt lift jeans with a tank top or a body fit crop top that showcases navel region would help give the women a very definitive outlook, which looks sexy.
  • Women with round and well-shaped butt would love to flaunt their nicely shaped butts with the help of butt lift jeans without actually looking vulgar.
  • There are many different colours, stone washed and styles of butt lift jeans available in the market, and you can choose according to your size and body statistics to complement your style and fashion sense.

These are the few ways you can use butt lift jeans to your advantages to add to your sensual appeal and make you look hot and sexy.

Some Unknown Facts about autism bracelets

You will be delighted to know that there are several organizations associated with several products and the profit goes to a noble work. This might go to help the poor or the distressed people. Sometimes it goes to any research work. So, this becomes a part of the development of our society. Do you have any idea regarding any bracelets ever? If not then you need to read this article. This is not like the usual bracelets that are available in the market. This can bring luck. People think so. Many big organizations are attached with the centers that produce a particular type of bracelet. Here we will provide you information regarding this particular bracelet. We haven’t disclosed the name of that bracelet yet.

yoga 2

Here we are going to disclose the name. The name of the bracelet is autism bracelet. If you haven’t bought this type of bracelet yet then try to avail this as early as possible. If you are thinking of coming out rashes on your skin then you are thinking it absolutely in the wrong way. You won’t have to think about this. These autism bracelets are usually made of stainless steel and very light in weight. If you go online then you will be able to see the images of these bracelets. You will get several designs of this bracelet. There is no doubt that the cost is very low. So, you don’t have to think about the price of this bracelet. You will get several colors of these bracelets. By buying you will become an integral part of the autism center. So, don’t be late. Go and buy a bracelet as early as possible. Hope we have shared information in this article. So don’t think too much and waste your valuable time. You might lose the chance. You might think that at the end of the day the money won’t go to those associations that help the poor and the distressed people. But if you are thinking this then y6ou can check it online where you will be able to gather information about this noble cause and the associations that are attached with the centers that are producing these bracelets. You just need to keep the information in your mind carefully. So, you should be proud of having a bracelet that fulfills the requirements of the underprivileged children.  There is no doubt that you are going to get benefited.

Bespoke Shoes for Comfort and Benefits in Health

Comfort and quality are the basic factors to look for when buying shoes. Yet in Singapore, there is a strange obsession with quantity of shoes to the extent that many people forget the essentials when buying their shoes. In fact, according to a recent study, the average woman in Singapore owns 15 pairs of shoes, but only wears 3 pairs regularly. Surprisingly, the other 12 pairs gather dust in the closet because they do not fit. In the study, 46% of the women revealed that they have suffered foot pain from their shoes, 59% have gotten blisters, and 35% have had their outings ruined by uncomfortable shoes while 24% have fallen because of the design of their shoes.

Switching to Bespoke Shoes Singapore

So why not make the switch to bespoke shoes from Singapore? When created with top-notch materials, precise measurements, scrupulous design and expert construction, bespoke shoes can deliver amazing comfort and desirable health benefits. While bespoke shoes are evidently beneficial and worth investing in, many people in Singapore still consider handmade shoes so expensive and out of reach. But is this really true?

When you do your math, you realize that this fear is unfounded. For instance, if the average price of a pair of shoes bought from a store is $90, then the total cost of 15 pairs of shoes is $1350, which is just enough for three pairs of bespoke shoes (the three that most women in the study wear frequently anyway). In fact, with proper planning, almost every person can afford bespoke shoes.

shoes 1

Features of Good Bespoke Shoes Singapore

So, when your budget allows and you decide to switch from quantity to quality shoes, what should you look for in bespoke footwear? The first feature you should go for is perfect fit. Just like a good house, your body requires a good and stable supporting foundation which can only be provided by perfectly fitting shoes. Perfectly fitting shoes will make you stand and walk comfortably, injecting a new lease of convenience into your life. In fact, you may even forget to take them off when you go to bed! Besides, if you are someone who does not fit into standard sizes, then perfectly fitting bespoke shoes will spare you the pain of walking or standing in ill-fitting shoes.

Secondly, bespoke shoes should be repairable. Well-made shoes should be repairable and reconditioned after damage so they can last long enough to give sufficient value for the money spent on them. Usually, with proper care and reconditioning, well-made bespoke shoes from Singapore should last many years, even decades. For example, if they are leather shoes, they should be polished frequently and resolved and re-heeled when necessary. It is also necessary not to wear the same shoe every day so that the shoe can dry out thoroughly between the linings. A shoe that cannot be reconditioned is simply not worth buying.

Comfort and Health Benefits of Bespoke Shoes in Singapore

Bespoke shoes are comfortable and ideal for the good health of the feet. They fit properly and are more luxurious and less harmful to the feet. They also allow for good posture and prevent foot sores, ingrown toenails, corns and blisters. And for individuals who find it hard to get perfectly fitting shoes or those with foot conditions that hinder them from wearing standard sized shoes, bespoke shoes are the ultimate solution.

Some of the health benefits of bespoke shoes in Singapore include:

  1. Preventing bunions and relieving associated pain: Using shoes that are cramped or that exert too much compression on the feet may cause bunions, but the condition may also occur as a congenital deformity or arthritic problem. It is characterized by swollen and sensitive tissue inside the joints with the portion surrounding the toe having a bone-like mass which is irritating and painful. Wearing bespoke shoes that are made to fit perfectly and adjusted to the specific foot helps to prevent bunions and to alleviate the pain.
  2. Preventing toe distortions: Wearing high heels and tight shoes can exert uneven pressure on the toes and cause toe distortions or worsen foot problems. However, wearing bespoke shoes reduce foot problems and prevent toe distortions that might be caused by uneven pressure.
  3. Preventing foot joint problems: Ill-fitting shoes can compress foot joints and cause the tilting and disfiguration of the toes. When the foot joints are strained, they become hurtful and may cause limitless problems. But wearing bespoke shoes safeguards the toes and foot joints and prevents foot disorders.

For these reasons, it is good to purchase a pair of beautifully crafted and snugly-fitting bespoke shoes in Singapore and enjoy a life-changing experience.

Summer Handbags for Any Event

With summer just around the corner, handbags are taking center stage on many women’s shopping agenda; including my own! Summer is the best time to diversify your handbag collection because there are so many color choices available, and there are also a large number of excuses to use them. There are simply more parties and events that take place in the summer, and when you stack that on top of the summer holidays you have a very eventful season.

When choosing an appropriate handbag for a specific event you need to make sure it embraces the mood and color scheme perfectly. On the other hand, you can have an equal amount of success choosing a handbag that is outrageous and a very risky fashion choice. No matter which route you choose to go, here are a few things to consider for specific holidays and summertime events before you head out shopping for the perfect purse.

handmade bags

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is well known as the first real party of high summer, but the day itself is actually quite somber and emotional for many people in the world. When choosing your handbag for Memorial Day, make sure you’re considerate of people thinking about their loved ones that have passed. You can treat the rest of the weekend like a party and show off an edgier handbag, but keep Memorial Day itself a little higher class when it comes to your handbag choice.


Weddings are a really fun time to do whatever you want with your handbag. The only fashion taboo at a wedding is showing up in a white dress, so anything short of that is totally fair game. Feel free to express yourself with rich colors of the summer like bright yellows and oranges or even bright blues and greens. I personally find that the function of your purse or handbag at a wedding is much more important, but fashion is always a primary concern.

4th of July

The 4th of July is probably everyone’s favorite summer holiday, and who can really blame them? Good people, good food, and of course some fireworks, you can have a great time in your very own backyard. I like to choose my handbag based on what I need to carry with me. For instance, if I need to carry sunscreen, some sparklers, and the rest of my normal purse contents, my handbag is typically very large. Since I love my country, I always make sure my handbag is red, white, and blue, but I try to make it look as creative as possible within those confines.

No matter what summer event you’ll be attending, some carful thought should lead you to the perfect handbag. Make sure you choose a different handbag for every big event, because that’s half the fun of going in the first place!

Ways to choose the Best Wedding Accessories

The fact cannot be denied at marriage is an auspicious event. Bride and groom both should look good and perfect on that day as they will be the centre of attraction of the day. You should know very well that ornaments and accessories are the most important things that help to get a good look of the bride. Nowadays the bride wants to wear trendy accessories. If you go online then you will get so many types of accessories available in the market. Here in this article we will provide some tips so that you look good on the day of wedding. We will share information about the accessories that you can wear whenever you are going to attend any wedding ceremony. So, you just need to read the article with rapt attention.

engravables (1)

We can start with the usual wedding décor. At the very beginning of buying your accessories you in which season you are going to get married. You should know that fashion depends on the season very much. So, you need to keep in your mind. If you are really 9in a messed up condition then you can go and visit the website of You will get the images of various collections of wedding ceremony. Also you can buy the accessories from the Stella and Dot. There is no doubt that you will get benefitted if you buy the accessories from there. Otherwise if you generally go online and search for images of wedding collection then they will provide the images immediately. Moreover if you want accessories that have the traditional appeal then you can search for the traditional accessories. In the same way you will b provided with the images. So, here we have shared information enough information on accessories. If you can keep this in mind then you will get benefitted.

Deciphering eCommerce: Online Shopping and Brands

eCommerce has re-imagined the way we took a gander at shopping. However, a recently reproduced idea, the eCommerce business is blasting and arrives to sit tight. Only a couple of years back, who might have believed that shopping should possible online? Today, the web is overflowing with various web shopping entrances offering the best eCommerce answers for the masses.

Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to extend your business? Go online keeping in mind the end goal to acquire customers! eCommerce is a perfect launchpad for your business. Internet shopping entries assume an extremely crucial part in the eCommerce business. It won’t not be right to say that without the right approach of a web shopping entryway, your business is sure to stay stagnant with confined range. Henceforth, it gets to be essential for you to search for the best web shopping entrances with a specific end goal to give the right begin to your business.

In the first place; expand your customer rundown with round the clock openness to your online store. As indicated by a free study it has been noticed that more than 75% of the general population surfing online are liable to enjoy web shopping. This figure wakes up when you take a gander at the late blast in the quantities of web shopping entries. Obviously, this national blast has made our lives simpler as well as helpful. Organizations can now interface with the general population on an individual note by drawing in with them.

Sliced to the present, It is hard as well as verging on difficult to envision existence without the web. The present age is very touted as the web age and accordingly we can say with certainty that there couldn’t have been a superior time and put for eCommerce than now! Brands can now keep their business above water and focused on a much greater and bigger scale. Today, you can either dispatch your own web store or take the assistance of different internet shopping entrances to set up your business, the decision and advantage is yours! The entries or web stores are fundamentally arranged in 2 sorts:

Singular Sellers

Gateways serving as individual merchants go about as a medium between the brand or organization and the clients, for instance;, and so forth. They for the most part assume no liability of the items sold on their stages, in any case, if there should arise an occurrence of disappointment; Return and Replacement strategies are offered to the furious clients.

Single Unit Firm

Entryways serving as single unit firm manage their own items.

Shopping online is not the same as the customary disconnected from the net shopping. We live in times where everything is accessible at the push of a catch. We are an era that needs everything, notwithstanding shopping to be snappy! Internet shopping is a shelter to clients as they get the chance to pick and put in their requests rapidly. Not any more holding up in long lines outside the trial room or at the money counter! Internet shopping has changed the repetitive assignment of shopping, by making it helpful. One can put in the request from the solace of their homes. Everything you need is a decent web association and there you are, in the new universe of potential outcomes!

Clients can likewise pick the installment mode according to their benefit. Secure online exchange makes eCommerce profoundly dependable.

How to create a professional web store?

You have already seen success of big brands like, and so forth mentioned above. Now, you can too have a efficient web store that can showcase your products(and all the tools required to run a professional web store). A DIY(Do it yourself) web store creator like Shopify can work wonders. This review may help you learn more about this remarkable estore creator platform.

What do we finish up from this?

For the general achievement of your business, you require professionally outlined web stores to showcase your items and administrations to the world. These web stores will go about as a medium in the middle of you and the clients. Aside from innovative outline, you would likewise require tweaked programming for your web store which would incorporate all the usefulness of eCommerce. Tweaked programming will guarantee that your site is easy to understand and free from every specialized issue.

Dress Neckline And Hairstyles That Go Best With Them

New Year’s is an only two or three days away. This is the time when you need to look awesome. Beginning from the top to your toes, your look must supplement the whole get up. For the most part, ladies incline toward outfits or dresses for gatherings. Truth be told, ladies overflow hotness, executioner state of mind and certainty with those exquisite gathering dresses.

On the other hand, to look truly wonderful, you have to take a shot at your general search and going for the best dress is insufficient! The mix of dresses and tresses together brings a certainly shocking ladylike appeal. There are an assortment of gathering dresses for ladies that you can discover on the web. Pick the most alluring one and get a coordinating hairdo on the off chance that you need to knock some people’s socks off.

Match Your Hairstyle With A Party Dress Neckline:

– Strapless: An assortment of haircuts run with strapless neck area dresses. In any case, hair with free falling twists or a muddled bun suit the most. Free falling twists are the wrath now and they for the most part draw out the most in strapless gathering dresses. It straightforwardly attracts the regard for the collarbone, which looks completely lovely.

– V-neck area: A V-neck area dress gives you a slim and extended look. You can incline toward free twists with a side part that attracts regard for your shoulders and magnificence bones. You can likewise curve the hair back with the assistance of a pin.

– Off the shoulder: Off the shoulder dresses are tasteful and rich. It coordinates a tight and high bun that shows off your delightful shoulders. A side cleared haircut likewise adds a refined shine to the neck area.

– Halter neck: Add a touch of extravagance and style to your gathering wear closet with this bridle neck area dress. Side cleared, high smooth mesh or full twists give a bolder look with this outfit.

– Boat neck area: An exemplary chignon or bouffant mixes well with watercraft neck area party dresses. Vessel neck area dresses stretches your body, if a coordinating hairdo is taken after.

– High busted: High nabbed dresses offers a tender and genuinely rich look. A slicked chignon, a chaotic high bun or a tight braid makes your neck area the focal point of fascination.

– One shoulder: A side cleared haircut or a braid can be ideal for an one shoulder dress. Aside from this, hairdos like the weave, chignon, bun and side clearing twists, offer a more rich look.

– Round or square: Get a complimenting style and flaunt your shoulders with round or square dresses. Keep your hair far from falling all over with the assistance of pins or cuts. Free streaming twists can give you an outlandish look.

Ensure you pick the best party dresses for ladies that are accessible at online stores. There is a considerable measure of assortment and you can in like manner select a haircut from the tips recommended previously. Draw out the best in your dress and emerge from others in the group by going for the right haircut. Begin arranging your gathering closet now with these previously stated tips and look the best in all you’re up and coming gatherings.